Below is a list of publications containing information about the High Lift Common Research Model (CRM-HL)

AIAA-2016-0308, Development of the High Lift Common Research Model (HL-CRM): A Representative High Lift Configuration for Transonic Transports

AIAA 2020-2771, Definition of Initial Landing and Takeoff Reference Configurations for the High Lift Common Research Model (CRM-HL)

AIAA 2020-2772, Requirements and Challenges for CFD Validation within the High-Lift Common Research Model Ecosystem

AIAA 2020-2770, Test Summary of the NASA High-Lift Common Research Model Half-Span at QinetiQ 5-Metre Pressurized Low-Speed Wind Tunnel

AIAA 2023-0823, Test Summary of the Full-Span High-Lift Common Research Model at the ONERA F1 Pressurized Low-Speed Wind Tunnel

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