Computational Approach

There are numerous variables in a computational approach, some of which include the grid generation, the flow solver used, the boundary conditions used, the solution procedure and the force and moment integration.  The Common Research Model was used as the geometry for Drag Prediction Workshops 4, 5 and 6.  The results from these workshops can be found on the websites for the workshops themselves:

In the process of analyzing CRM data, the CFD geometry was found to be different from the actual wind tunnel model geometry.  After this discovery, the CFD geometry was “twisted” to match the actual wind tunnel model geometry; therefore the data listed below will be labeled with “original” or “twisted” geometry to indicate which geometry was used.  More information on this discovery and the method used to match the actual wind tunnel model geometry can be found in this paper, AIAA-2012-0707.

All of the data uploaded thus far can be found here.

A list of the publications for computations on the CRM is found on the Publications page.

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